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At one point, this was a lot of money.

Every culture has legends about underwater beings - merrow, mermaids, Merfolk, and rusalka to name

Viktoria and Jael introduce #SultrySunday.

We're in the Galapagos Islands for #SunkenSunday. Curious fish, a hammerhead, a sea turtle, a

SafariSaturday - This lowland gorilla thought I wanted his precious.

Idris is one of the nicest vampires I write, so I thought him fitting to

Okay. So the answer to #wherewasiwednesday is the Giza plateau in Egypt. For #funfactfriday -

#thatplacethursday - A place I use in my stories from our world, mythology, or my

An easy guess for the first #wherewasiwednesday - check back on #funfactfriday for the answers

I didn't start out writing books with sexy times in them. I had a beta