Soulmates found one story at a time.


Xuterias – a land ruled by magic – is invaded by a race determined to exterminate it, and the balance is upset. If Xov and Xau are not restored, the world will perish. 

Now, trapped in Xuterias, the invaders grow more desperate to annihilate magic, and anyone able to wield it, as their bodies betray them in an unfamiliar and toxic atmosphere.

Magical beings and creatures have been forced into hiding, but are determined to survive and reclaim their homes – whatever it takes. 

When each side is determined to be the sole victor and inherit the earth, sparks fly. 

And when Xov finds Xau, a different sort of sparks ignite. 

These is an enemies to happily ever after series.


Her heritage unknown, Efi has always lived among the Fae, but never been one of them. Derzan knows where Efi is from – he was there when her city burned and almost all of her kind were slain. Now she’s the only one who could save him.

Derzan’s life has been bonded to several others to share the burden of the poison slowly killing them with every beat of their hearts. None of them will survive alone. When he finds Efi and discovers being with her stops the poison, he vows to never let her go.

Efi’s magic is fading. She can’t even conjure her spirit animal. A visit to the Dream Walker for answers leaves Efi with more questions and shows her two possible futures – a sort of happiness with Derzan and her magic restored, or a chance to remain free.

Staying with Derzan means choosing to remain caged forever. Freedom may cost her life.