Soulmates found one story at a time.

This timeline is updated through The Crimson Hood & the Alpha of Wolves. If you’ve not read that story, there will be spoilers!

  • The Crimson Hood & Will Scarlet rescue Mudan, Udon, and a woman with amnesia from kidnappers

  • Petra is hired to kill Lupin, but gets caught and interrogated.

  • Petra escapes and goes to the orphanage - meets Hansel, Mrs. Fagin, and asks Dr. Jekyll to help the woman with amnesia.

  • Lupin releases Ulf and reunites him with his mate. Lupin catches Petra again. 

  • Petra meets her father and runs away from Lupin's fortress again. 

    Lupin and Mojek find her and meet the orphans. 

    Petra and Lupin reconcile. She breaks his curse.