Soulmates found one story at a time.

October 26, 2020

So, here it is, the first official blog post.

Yesterday, my prequel story, Shadowy, was released in an anthology.

You can find it here:

I thought I would be riding the coattails of the other authors, who I think are better writers and have published things before, unlike me so far!

But, a review was posted, and my story tied for second out of ten as a reader’s favorite!

What can I say? That was motivation enough for me to get started, now that people might actually come to my little corner of the internet and expect, you know, stuff to be here.

Ember‘s story will introduce the world of Dragas and their vampires. If you found me through the anthology, Viktoria has a brief appearance.

*Feels pressured and goes back to work now*