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Magical Love in London

Book 1: Marriage of Inconvenience cover reveal inside!


This is another series that took me by surprise. I thought I'd try a Regency Romance, because it's nothing like I would normally write, but I don't do well with virginal misses who go all aflutter at a single touch.

So, I turned to paranormal, my go to genre.

If you've read RealmWalker or Poisoned Heart, you know there are other worlds that have suffered invasion. In this series, the Fae have opened portals to escape an invasion, and they end up in 1800s London.

Then I got to wondering - who invaded those worlds? And I started writing that series, so be on the lookout for that series, which will be MFM romances in Limbo.

Anyway, Marriage of Inconvenience is the first Paranormal Regency. I'm aiming to be finished in September.