Soulmates found one story at a time.






Lounging against the wall, Vilkos finished his dinner as he watched the door his brother had disappeared behind, trying not to think about what Fechin was doing to Shisti.

He and Fechin had never been enemies, but they'd never been close, either. Nor had they ever competed for a woman. Shisti brought out a strange possessiveness in him. Maybe it was just a case of wanting what he couldn't have, or the threat she represented, since she wanted to hand the throne to Fechin.

The door across the hall flew open and Fechin strode from the room — looking more tense than when he'd taken Shisti inside. Nor had he been in there long.

Vilkos smirked.

Clearly someone wasn't doing something right. Another fight with the potential queen? After two years, it seemed like they should have gotten past all that.

Maybe she'd accept comfort from Vilkos now. If he did that sort of thing. Over the last couple years he’d heard stories about how dark she’d become, but she wasn’t the only one who’d changed.

After spending time with his father, Vilkos had a new view of the world, too. The Morrigan had adopted him after his mother was murdered, but she never mentioned it was one of her sons who had done it.

Not Fechin, but one she'd sent far from Inisfail to protect him from Wulven wrath and retribution. When Vilkos took the Raven Throne. He would have all the power he needed to track the murderer down.

He set his empty plate on the floor and licked his fingers as he crossed the hall. He pushed the door open, and took in the sight of the witch's bare body as she crouched over a pile of torn fabric.

Lust surged through him, making him rock hard. He dropped his glamour and closed the door, making sure it clicked.

Shisti whipped her head around, gray eyes wide as she stared at him.

Good. Let her worry about what he would do to her. Her rejection stung, even two years later.

A gesture with his fingers, and the air around the door thickened. No one could enter or hear them now. Something sweet in the air made his wolf side perk up. What was that scent?

"Vilkos." Shisti rose, torn dress in her hands, though she made no move to cover her nakedness. "I wasn't informed you'd returned."

Her body was lean, but she had full, pink-tipped breasts, a nice curve to her hips, and long legs.

"No one knows." He strode toward her, drawn by the mysterious scent. It was coming from her. "I wanted it to be a surprise."

She eyed his approach, but didn't move. "Why have you come back?"

"If you keep talking that way, I'll think you missed me." As he neared her, Vilkos inhaled again, needing a deeper whiff. The air scented of a woman's arousal, his lust, and…yes. Something sweet.

"What is that smell?" His demand came out in a growl.

"What smell?" She sniffed, genuinely confused.

Vilkos seized her nape and pulled her close. Dropping his head to the crook of her neck, he breathed in deep. The faint, enticing smell teased his nose. There was something...

Could it be?

He pressed his nose against her throat, and inhaled again. Her body offered up more of that sweet smell. His mouth watered.

His wolf side raged within him. Vilkos licked along the smooth column of flesh.

That sweet scent turned into an explosion of delicious taste on his tongue, awakening every primal instinct inside him. His wolf howled in triumph and anticipation.

Shisti was ripe.

The base of his dick ached as his knot formed for the first time. He was going into rut.

That only happened for one reason. Shisti was his mate. The realization shocked him long enough for Shisti to shove his chest.

"What do you think you're doing?"

He should have ignored what she wanted two years ago and taken her from Fechin then. Ignoring her question, he lowered his head and took her mouth.

She stood frozen, her lips sealed against him for the first moments. He nipped her and flicked his tongue against the seam of her closed mouth.

Vilkos slid an arm around her waist and pulled her against him. Shisti stiffened, then her body relaxed. She pressed closer and opened to him. Her arms wound around his neck and she pulled him toward her, matching his demands with her own.

He slid his fingers up her inner thigh. His hand fit perfectly over her hip, ideal for holding into while he took her from behind.

Her fingernails dragged over his scalp as her fingers tunneled into his hair. The slight bite of pain only enflamed him.

They broke apart. He pressed his forehead to hers.

"I can smell that Fechin didn't make you come." He filled his hands with the soft mounds of her breasts, using the pads of his thumbs to tease her nipples erect. "Don't you want revenge on my brother for making you his unsatisfied slut all this time?"

"As a matter of fact." Her torn dress floated to the floor. She backed up to the table and boosted herself onto it. "I do."

Righting a chair, he placed it upright in front of her and seated himself. He urged her legs apart around him, placing her feet on the arms of the chair.

Vilkos brushed his fingertip over the slick folds revealed to him. “You’re wet, Shisti. Drenched.” He circled her opening, not fighting the temptation, and pushed two fingers in. Her breath rushed out as her inner muscles squeezed his fingers. He pressed his free hand to her lower belly, holding her still.

Adding a third finger, he pumped them as a throaty groan escaped her. He grinned and stroked her until her slickness soaked his hand. Her breaths quickened. Each exhale lifted her breasts and erect nipples.

In and out he slid his fingers, adjusting the speed and angle to take her to the edge. He randomly changed the speed and depth, delaying her release. He wasn’t quite ready to allow the witch to orgasm.

Vilkos enjoyed the sounds of tortured pleasure coming from her. He slid his palms over her smooth thighs, spread them wider, and pulled her to the edge of the table.

He replaced his fingers with his tongue. She cried out, and he groaned. Her flavor was sweet, and left him hungry for more. He licked her pussy, pushing his tongue into her. Her sweet scent amplified.

He slid his hands under her ass and lifted. More slickness flowed.

He hooked her legs over his shoulders. The move pushed her pussy against his face, slickening his chin and shoving his nose into her glistening pink core. He loved her taste.

Possessiveness flared. He ignored it and focused on stimulating her. He nibbled her clit, pulling and sucking on the hardened nub until she moved restlessly on the table.

"Vilkos, I —"

The second he thrust his tongue into her core, she arched her body, pushing herself against his face. He felt the slight change in the muscles along her core. She was close. Ready to come.

He murmured words of praise as he worked his lips and tongue on her flesh, sucking her clit, and stroking her tight channel.

Shisti arched off the table as orgasm took her. Her body surrendered to his fingers and tongue over and over.

Her sounds went from gasps and moans to pleading right before she lost the battle and went limp in defeat, legs splayed wide, leaving what he wanted open to him.

Vilkos rose and kicked the chair away. He pulled his shirt over his head, kicked his boots off, then dropped his pants. Giving himself a few strokes, he imagined how the first thrust into Shisti would feel.

He rubbed her clit with the head of his cock, then angled downward and pushed into her.

Shisti was tight, and squeezed her inner muscles around him as she writhed while she took him.

Vilkos pulled back, thrust again, and groaned at the unexpected pleasure. She was wet and getting wetter as her body accepted him.

He took her harder, using those curvy hips of hers to pull her onto his dick even as she squirmed in his hold. Her slickness coated his dick and overflowed onto his thighs as he thrust inside her. Good. She’d need to be wet. He didn’t want to damage her.

His body started to change. Fingernails turned into claws. Sharp fangs replaced human teeth. Muscles stretched and bulked.

Vilkos drove his hips into hers as his knot fully formed at the base of his dick.

The satisfaction of finding his mate. The idea of taking the title of king by taking his brother's woman. The power he would enjoy wielding over all of Fae. Everything combined into a heady aphrodisiac that drove him even wilder.

Gripping her hips even harder, he pulled her down as he roared and slammed his hips against hers, shoving his swollen knot inside her all at once.

She screamed while he rocked against her. The walls of her slick pussy clamped around him and rubbed his sensitive flesh.

He buried his head in the crook of her neck. She smelled of magic and woman. That scent would never get old. He licked Shisti's throat, and she shuddered. His fangs lengthened further, and he opened his mouth wide, grazing her skin.

Vilkos bit. His fangs sank deep, and she screamed as her blood filled his mouth. In order to carry his offspring, she needed the magic in his saliva in her blood. She thrashed, her magic sending shocks through him.

With a growl, he shook his head and bit deeper, tearing into her soft flesh to ensure her neck and shoulder would be scarred for all to see.

Lifting his head, he eyed his mark on her with satisfaction and licked her blood from his lips.

The witch... his witch lay limp beneath him, body accepting him as his magic worked through her blood. He lifted her legs to his shoulders. Tied within her by his knot, he moved in short thrusts and toyed with her swollen clit. Her channel slicked and trembled as her orgasm began anew.

A rush of pleasure shot through him, racing down his spine, drawing his balls up, and pulsing down his cock, ending in an eruption of hot seed that filled the witch.

Her back arched and she clenched around him in helpless spasms as her body milked him for every drop of cum.

With it, a spark of magic traveled from him to her and settled deep inside her.

Her wide eyes told him she felt it, too.

A primal, all male sense of satisfaction filled him with elation and tore a possessive growl from his throat. "It's done. You will bear my child, and I will be king."

Given what he'd heard about Shisti's darker nature over the last couple of years, he needed to make sure she carried a healthy baby to term.

Vilkos drew on all his magic and dominance. There wasn't much Wulven magic in her yet, but that would change over the next few days — when she experienced a Wulven in full rut.

"You will cause no harm to yourself, and do everything possible to protect the life growing within you. Do you understand?"

Better to keep his commands simple until he could reinforce them.

She resisted. Of course she did. Her fists clenched, and she shook her head, although she never broke eye contact. Her mouth opened, then closed when the words she wanted to say weren't the ones he'd demanded of her.

He focused more dominance on her and smacked her breast. "Say it," he commanded.

"I understand." She bit the words out.

"Good girl." He'd have to watch her carefully. She'd look for any loophole to disobey him. Vilkos shifted, rubbing her inside with his knot and pressing on her clit.

In the meantime, his knot wasn't going down anytime soon. Dominance and lust still flowed through him. Leaning forward again, he licked the blood from her neck.

"My brother has ignored you for years. Rest assured, I most definitely will not." Especially in the next few days. That would be enough time to break her, but not too much. He liked her spirited, but she'd have to learn to obey him as her alpha and master from now on.

A Wulven pregnancy didn't last as long as a typical Fae. In six months, he would be king, and everyone would obey him.