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The battle for the Raven Throne in the Inisfail Fae Court is full of war, sex, and intrigue that spans generations. 

The second war with the Fomorians is over, but the Morrigan has vanished, leaving the Inisfail Fae without a ruler.

Two sons vie for the throne, neither able to become king without an heir. Fechin wants the power to protect. Vilkos just wants the power. 

There is treachery enough within the land, but the Mists of Faeth Fiadha are fading, and soon the realm will be exposed to enemies old and new, near and far.

This story is for mature readers as there will be violence and explicit sexual situations.

This is my first foray in the Kindle Vella arena, so we’ll see how it goes.

Currently the story is available to read there, or here on my site. Patreon doesn’t approve of dubious consent or kidnapees having relationships with their kidnappers, so I can’t post the chapters there.

The passwords are available on my Patreon page starting at the $3/month tier, which also gives you access to everything I write, a vote on what I work on, and free ebooks every month.

February 2023, Chapters 1-7