Soulmates found one story at a time.


A spinoff series from the Strygoi Witches & Vampires novels.

For Maidens of Pohjola, it’s not easy to meet men. 

Unable to leave Pohjola, where they live care-free but under the heavy-handed protection of their mother, the Maidens of Pohjola have to wait for heroes and less savory characters to kidnap them.

Unfortunately, when Louhi, the Goddess of Witchcraft and Death, finds kidnappers in her realm, even the bravest and most skilled warriors end up dead or fleeing for their lives. 

A thousand and one years ago, one sister escaped – thanks to a deal with Louhi, Shadow earned her freedom and that of all her sisters.

Now, the Maidens of Pohjola are free, heading for the human world, and looking for love.


As a Maiden of Pohjola, and daughter of Louhi, it’s hard to meet men. With Louhi, Goddess of Witchcraft and Death, as an overprotective mother, most men don’t survive the experience.

Dream thought she’d met the perfect man for her, and she’s waited a thousand and one years for the day Lemminki could recover from his deadly mission into the Underworld of Tuonela and be with her.  

Lemminki traveled to Pohjola in search of an impossible love, but just when he found Dream, her mother sent him to his death… all because his pride wouldn’t let him pick up a feather.

Unfortunately, when he comes back to life, he’s still full of the pride that got him killed in the first place. A lot has changed in a thousand years, and Dream‘s no longer trapped in Pohjola. If Lemminki can’t let go of his pride this time, he could lose his Dream for good.

Mythologies: Finnish (loosely based on the Kalevala).