Soulmates found one story at a time.



Join an Ildum of vampires over the course of ten thousand years as they find their Dragas – witches who make their hearts beat, put color back into their lives, and restore their souls. In rare bondings, a Draga can become strygoi – a witch able to wield silver magic – and then a vampire can also count on near death experiences and lunacy.

Their searches take them to exotic locales and through mythologies of the human world, as well as into the Other Worlds of Pohjola, Fae, Djinn, Skinwalkers, and Merfolk.

Standing in their way are mages – men who can use magic but have none. To fuel their own, they must drain magic from a witch, and the only witches capable of fighting against them are the strygoi.

A thousand years ago, the mages united to commit genocide in a effort to annihilate the threat.

But they missed one.

Now the strygoi are returning – and the first one is War.

These are sexy, happily-ever-after soulmate novels with no cheating, fade to blacks, or cliffhangers. They are fast-paced stories that blend romance, mythology, humor, and adventure. While a little more of the Dragaverse is revealed as the series progresses, the romance in each novel focuses on one couple and can be read as a standalone. If you see vampire muscles, you’re in the right place. The non-sexy times versions of these stories feature witches with silver magic on the covers.



Ember knows nothing of the Other World and doesn't believe in love.

To save his Ildum, Stryx sacrificed emotions a thousand years ago.

A relationship between them seems doomed from the start...
Or is it?


Viktoria likes her simple life, but this daughter of Louhi is far from a simple girl.

Jael is an assassin who hasn't missed in 3,500 years, but he's never had a target like her before.

Little does he know falling in love with a vampire could result in Viktoria being imprisoned forever.



That was Shadow's existence for five thousand years -

until she learned she had to step into her shadow

in order to step out.

And Viktoria was born.


Myth's family has been enslaved by the Scorpion Mage for almost seven hundred years.

As Nabu's Witness, Norrix has traveled multiple worlds for millennia and seen it all.

When Myth is freed and Norrix offers her the worlds, will she choose his?


Bijou has one mission:
Find and destroy the Obayifo to avenge her mother.
She doesn't have time for fairy tale love.

If Zeke can't reconcile the vampire inside him
with the knight he's always longed to be,
his Draga might slip through his fingers.

Can they both get what they want?


Musette's been in a coma since the spider mage poisoned her magic. Idris has been by her side, but what if the poison caused permanent damage and they can never bond?

Idris promised his dying sister to watch over her descendants. One of them is in trouble, but Musette needs him too. Will he have to choose?

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