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Myth‘s family has been enslaved to the Scorpion Mage in Aztlan since the Fifth Sun began. As Witness for the god Nabu, Norrix has seen thousands of civilizations rise and fall. When Myth is freed and Norrix offers her hundreds of worlds, will she choose his?

Myth‘s first taste of freedom comes when she is sent to Ashana to obtain a black knife at auction. But even a world away, she can’t escape the Scorpion Mage’s control. Back in Aztlan, her daughter is a pawn. As long as the Scorpion Mage has Fable, Myth can never be free.

Norrix arrives in Ashana in search of a cure for Musette, but finds his Draga instead. His mind was broken in his service to Nabu, and only partially healed when he was turned into a vampire. But when he’s near Myth, his thinking has never been clearer. When she keeps running away, he follows her to Aztlan to find out why.

The Scorpion Mage has a plan to bring more power into the world. All he needs is the black blade and the perfect sacrifice.

Things come to a head on the altar atop Serpent Mountain during the eclipse that will being the Sixth Sun, but no one expects what comes through the portal.

Mythologies: Aztec

This is a soulmate novel with no cheating or cliffhangers. It’s a fast-paced story that blends romance, mythology, humor, and adventure. I promise, after some scary moments and lunacy, that there will always be a happy ending. There is some heat, but no graphic sex or f-bombs.

Each story in the series focuses on one couple, and can be read as a standalone novel.