Soulmates found one story at a time.

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Musette’s been stuck in a coma ever since the Spider Mage poisoned her magic. Idris has been by her side, but how long can she expect him to wait?
A Draga is meant to make a vampire’s heart beat – but what if the poison has caused permanent damage, and they can never bond?

Idris promised his dying sister that he would look after her descendants. At the time, he was human, so she couldn’t have known how long that promise would last. Now that he’s finally found his Draga, one of his descendants needs help. But, Musette needs him, too. Will he have to choose?

This is a soulmate novel with no cheating or cliffhangers. It’s a fast-paced story that blends romance, mythology, humor, and adventure. I promise, after some scary moments and lunacy, that there will always be a happy ending. There is some heat, but no graphic sex or f-bombs.

Each story in the series focuses on one couple, and can be read as a standalone novel.