These are all the series I'm writing in. For sneak peeks at covers, chapters, free novels, and a chance to vote for which series or story I work on, you can become a member, starting at $1.50/month

ALIX IN WONDERLAND - Reverse Harem MFMMM retelling of Alice in Wonderland

BAKERY STREET MYSTERIES - Cozy-ish mysteries about a succubus-turned-detective and her amnesiac pixie sidekick.

DEMONS OF IADARA - Reverse Harem MFMM Omegaverse stories. On Iadara, every Aneja chooses three men for her Harom.

FAIRY TALES WITH A KINK - Naughty retellings of fairy tales, myths, and other stories you only thought you knew.

GROVE OF BANDRUI - Paranormal romances with a focus on Irish mythology. Ties in to Vampires & Strygoi Witches via Angharad and Fetu.

HOTEL CARNALIFORNIA - Noncon erotica about a hotel where you can check out, but never leave.

JEWELS OF RYŪJIN - Paranormal shifter romances that tie in to the Vampires & Strygoi Witches series. These stories feature Karov's family.

MAGICAL LOVE IN LONDON - Paranormal Regency Romances. Fae has been invaded, and the residents escape to London.

NIGHT KNIGHTS - Paranormal Military Romances. This series ties into the Vampires & Strygoi Witches series.

OUBLIETTE - Paranormal Short & Steamy Stories

POHJOLA PASSIONS - Paranormal Romances featuring Finnish mythology. Viktoria's sisters get their stories in this spinoff from Vampires & Strygoi Witches series.

QAZVIN ASSASSINS - Paranormal romances fearuring Jael's fellow assassins. Ties in to Vampires & Strygoi Witches.

RAVEN CHRONICLES - Paranormal erotica. The battle for the Raven Throne is full of sex, intrigue, and betrayals.

SOULS LOST & FOUND - Paranormal romances. Under a blue moon, star crossed lovers get a second chance for their love to shine.

UTOPIA PACK - Paranormal Shifter Romances about a shifter pack living near Port Storm. Ties in to Vampires & Strygoi Witches.

VAMPIRES & STRYGOI WITCHES - Paranormal romances. Join an Ildum of vampires over 10,000 years of history and mythology as they find their Dragas - witches who make their hearts beat.

XUTERIAS: XOV & XAU - Enemies to lovers Paranormal Romances. In a war where each side is determined to inherit the world, sparks fly. When Xov finds Xau, a different kind of sparks ignite.



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  • Get access to everything I write prior to publishing, including at least one full novel every month.
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If you're familiar with my work, you know I love turning fairy tales on their heads, and incorporating mythology into every day worlds. If you have an idea for a character you'd like to see in one of my stories, I'd love to hear about it. Pick a name, and tell me your idea!


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