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Into the Lion’s Den (Secrets of Northland Shifters 1)

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It’s not just Shifters who lurk in the shadows.

After mountain lion shifter Reese Fitzpatrick’s father is killed by a hunter’s bullet, Reese must battle to keep his father’s legacy alive. But when Sarah McAvoy arrives to help run the Fitzpatricks’ remote luxury resort, her presence quickly becomes more of a hindrance than a help…especially as each of her secrets comes to light.

Sarah’s mere presence makes Reese’s mountain lion purr inside his skin, but her dangerous impulsivity is more than an irritating distraction—it could cost them their lives, leaving Reese with more to worry about than accidentally revealing his animal nature.

If the pair wants to save the resort, they’ll have to get past their passion that’s equal parts frustration and heat. Because it turns out Reese’s father wasn’t the competent businessman everyone believed. Vulture real estate developers are already hovering, waiting for Reese to fail.

That is, if the hunter who killed his father doesn’t get him first.

Fans of K.F. Breene and Kresley Cole will love this hot paranormal shifter romance!



Slow burn shifter story.

Reese and Sarah fight with each other as much as they work together to decipher clues about a murder and save a resort.

The story ends on a serious cliffhanger, and the relationship between Reese and Sarah is not resolved. Fortunately, the next two books are already available, so no long waits to find out what happens next.

While their relationship remains up in the air, the chemistry between Reese and Sarah is instant hot, and believable.

I liked that the reader was able to experience the shifting process. I also really liked that Sarah was never a damsel. She made intelligent decisions and stood her ground.

Nathaniel Gray used an excellent growly alpha voice for Reese. He did well with the narration and other characters, too, but I particularly his reading of Reese.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shifters
Series: Secrets of Northland Shifters |