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Dragons Beyond the Pale (Jane Austen’s Dragons 7)

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Smugglers. A kidnapping. A fire-breathing fairy dragon? The Blue Order is falling apart at the seams.

After months in Bath mentoring Dragon Keepers and Friends, Dragon Sage Elizabeth Darcy actually anticipates traveling to London for the Keeper’s Cotillion. Which says a great deal considering the she-dragons who make up the Cotillion board would very much like to show the Sage her proper place.

The she-dragons, though, are no match for what Sir Fitzwilliam Darcy finds waiting for him in London. Threats to the Order on every side, and Lord Matlock demands he keep them secret from Elizabeth. No one keeps secrets from Elizabeth.

In the meantime, Anne and Frederick Wentworth arrive in London with hopes of finally being accepted in good Blue Order society, unaware of the burgeoning maelstrom about to engulf them.

Darcy manages to keep matters under control until a fairy-dragon’s prank unleashes sinister forces who perpetrate an unthinkable crime that could spell the end of the Pendragon Accords and usher in a new age of dragon war.

Can Elizabeth and Darcy, with the Wentworths’ help, restore balance to the Blue Order before the dragons decide to take matters into their own talons and right the wrongs themselves?



It was fun to see the dragons come together as a team, from the smallest to the biggest. I’m curious what’s going to happen with the wyrms and sea dragons. The Blue Order doesn’t appear to be the upstanding, benevolent organization it portrays itself as.

This was a more serious side to the novels. There has always been drama with dragons and strife among families, but with the kidnapping, things went a bit darker. The danger wasn’t just risking making a father or sister unhappy. Lives were at risk, and the characters experience a whole range of emotions to go along with that.

Benjamin Fife was outstanding with this huge cast of characters.

Genre: Dragons, Regency
Series: Jane Austen's Dragons |

Dragon Persuasion (Jane Austen’s Dragons 6)

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Keeping a hibernating dragon should have been a simple thing.

But it wasn’t. Apparently, nothing involving dragons was ever simple, at least not for Kellynch’s woefully underprepared Keeper, Anne Elliot.

With the estate in debt, Anne’s father in denial, and the dragon’s treasure missing, Kellynch’s awakening was shaping up to be nothing short of catastrophe. Not to mention the pesky matter of Anne’s broken heart and resentment against the meddling old friend who had engineered it.

Captain Frederick Wentworth had spent his life making something of himself in the Navy. With the war that kept him employed at an end and a small fortune in prize money rendering him eminently marriageable, common sense and Laconia, his dragon Friend, demanded he take a wife.

But working as an agent of the Blue Order, managing dragon matters across England, seemed a much better alternative. At least until investigating one such matter sent him directly in the path of Anne Elliot, the woman who had ruined him for all others.

Now a royal dragon rages, a sleeping dragon lurks, and too many treasures have gone missing. Can Anne and Wentworth lay aside resentment, pride, and heartbreak to prevent Kellynch’s awakening from ending in bloodshed—or worse?



This story is full of more world building, political intrigue, and dragon drama, including some surprises about Lady Russell. There’s a mystery to be solved, and plenty of old grievances to be redressed.

Anne really grows into a Dragon Keeper and as an individual. The long-time-coming reunion with Wentworth was a bit rocky, but didn’t disappoint.

I love grumpy Kellynch even when he’s threatening to eat people.

I had thought the prior book was short and left me hanging — that wasn’t the case with this book. All the storylines are tied up neatly and those who deserve a comeuppance get what they deserve.

Another stellar job by Benjamin Fife. There were so many dragons and people, but I always knew who was talking.

Genre: Dragons, Regency
Series: Jane Austen's Dragons |

Dragon Keeper’s Cottilion (Jane Austen’s Dragons 8)

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Territory challenges. Dragon battles. Baby dragon debutantes. When will the chaos end?

Dragon Sage Elizabeth Darcy longs for life to return to normal, at least as normal as it could be for a Blue Order officer who lives with more household dragons than most small villages. Having two sisters and an infant dragon to present as debutantes to the Order, make ‘normal’ difficult. The fine ladies—she-dragons one and all—of the Cotillion Board make it impossible.

Sir Fitzwilliam Darcy, Knight of the Pendragon Order never envisioned his oath to ‘protect and serve the interests of the Blue Order and dragonkind’ would demand immediate action. But only a Keeper can defend Pemberley’s territory against threats far too big for a baby dragon to manage. Threats against the Pendragon Accords themselves. And only the one closest to the Dragon Sage can protect her from the sinister forces menacing the Order, possibly from within its own ranks.

Can Darcy and Elizabeth ensure the Cotillion strengthens the Order rather than laying the groundwork for its demise?



Dragon debuts!

This book contains plenty of politics and dragon drama. The aftermath of Elizabeth’s kidnapping carries through this story, plus there are new problems with dragons trying to claim Pemberly’s territory. Everything forces Elizabeth and Darcy into making difficult decisions and keeping secrets.

Benjamin Fife is perfect — he really brings the characters, especially the dragons, to life. It’s easy to know which ones are fairy and which ones are big and grouchy.

Genre: Dragons, Regency
Series: Jane Austen's Dragons |

Turnspit Dragon (Jane Austen’s Dragons 9)

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Dive into the hidden-in-plain sight world of the Blue Order dragons.

A heartwarming collection of short stories peeking into the hidden lives of the dragons, their friends and keepers. Birth, death, love, loss, and the amazing relationships that underscore them all. Visit with familiar characters and learn their stories. Meet entirely new dragons and their friends, while delving deeper into the mysterious world of Blue Order dragon.

Meryton meets Pern in a fantastical regency romp bound to delight listeners of Jane Austen and Anne McCaffrey alike. A short story collection in the world of Jane Austen’s Dragons.



I loved this collection of short stories. Especially the second one, where the fairy dragons hatch. Who can resist baby dragons? It was my introduction to the entire series, and I’m looking forward to the full-length novels.

I liked getting a glimpse into this hidden world, and the Blue Order.

Benjamin Fife does an excellent job with the entire cast of characters, dragons and humans! All the voices, tones, accents, and cadences he uses — I don’t know how he keeps track of them all.

I probably did things backwards since this book fills in gaps in the prior stories, but reading it out of order didn’t diminish my enjoyment. I know which dragons I want to know more about.

Genre: Dragons, Fantasy, Paranormal, Regency
Series: Jane Austen's Dragons |