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Of Love and Forge (Beyond a Contemporary Mythos 1)

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The god of the forge…

Life was good in the Neosphere District. I’d made a name for myself as a renowned supernatural bounty hunter, holding the record for most harpies slayed. But the best part about living in the future? Avoiding the other Olympian gods. Banishing a guy from Olympus because he was “imperfect” tends to make one hold a grudge. Go figure. And no other god possessed the means to time travel. But I did. Thanks to the portal hopping device I forged.

Yup. Life. Was. Grand

Until a bounty popped up on a certain love goddess. Aphrodite and I had been friends since we were wee gods. I’d be lying to myself if I never thought our “innocent” flirting banter were real on occasion—kidding myself if I said I never wanted things to go beyond platonic. Hence, why I recently kept my distance. For my own sanity. So, of course, I made the grave mistake of taking the godsdamned bounty.

The goddess of love…

Since reconciling with my son Eros, after centuries of bad mojo, I’d decided it was time to clean up my act. Ride the straight and narrow. My companion service, Sans Solo, became just the ticket I needed. And it allowed me to use my powers in disguise in modern California under the name Vena Milo.

With the aid of my best friends, and fellow goddesses, the Graces, we ran a legitimate business. All was right in the world.

Until the volcano god showed up. Hephaistos. Heph—a lifelong friend who never failed to confuse me mind, body, and soul. Especially when he showed up with a magical pair of handcuffs. His audacity pissed me off, but the mere sight of him, the smell of him, made my stomach flutter. That…I couldn’t deny. And when Heph’s plan goes to Tartarus things got even dicier and we became…the hunted.



Greek gods, myths, magic, humor, time travel paradox, steam, action, romance, drama, cyberpunks — this book had something for everyone.

The story drew me in from the start and kept my attention. The chemistry between Hephaestus and Aphrodite is hot, and the way their relationship goes from friends, to sort of enemies, to lovers is believable. Their adventures had some scary moments and comical situations. They definitely earned their HEA.

I loved the way the narration was done in this audiobook. Thomas Locklear and Stella Bloom kept their parts even when the point of view changed, so the voices were consistent throughout the entire story. They did a stellar job.

The romance between Hephaestus and Aphrodite is wrapped up nicely, but there are overall plot questions that remain, and set things up for the next story in the series.

Genre: Mythology, Paranormal Romance, Steamy, Time Travel
Series: Beyond A Contemporary Mythos |

Sebastian’s Fate (Etherya Earth 7.5)

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She was in love with a man who didn’t know she existed…

Vampyre aristocrat Celine has eyes for one man: a handsome council member who barely knows she’s alive. Determined to change her destiny, she secures a date with the enigmatic man, even if he won’t know her identity at the masked fete.

Council leader Sebastian considers relationships a waste of time—until a gorgeous stranger accompanies him to a ball. Suddenly, he can’t stop thinking about the woman behind the mask who sets his body aflame.

Consumed with uncovering the tempting stranger’s identity, Sebastian observes similarities between his phantom lover and the quiet aristocrat he’s barely noticed for centuries. Could his mystery woman actually be…Celine?

Fueled by passion and anger, he confronts the stunning aristocrat, never realizing their fiery encounter might cement Sebastian’s fate for eternity…



Quick and Steamy Fun Read

This was my first story in the series, but I was able to jump right in and get to know the characters. They were interesting and well developed, plus the backstory for the main couple was clear.

It was easy to feel Celine’s long-time frustration and determination, alongside Sebastian’s epic obliviousness, then anger. He deserved to be upset for a little while! It did him some good. 🙂

I listened to the audiobook. Zachary Zaba was a good narrator. He channeled what I imagined Sebastian to be like perfectly.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Steamy, Vampires
Series: Etherya's Earth |

Swipe Right to Bite


Dating a demon is pure hell…

Succubus Katrina is fasting for her freedom. If she can ignore her demonic urges long enough, Satan will eventually forget about her, and she’ll be free.

Just because she isn’t getting it on doesn’t mean she can’t help the supes of New Orleans do the pants-off dance-off.

Introducing Swipe Right to Bite, the best and only hook-up app for the supernatural. Business booms from day one, and the horizontal tango becomes the most popular dance in the Big Easy.

Until Gabe, the insufferable incubus, shows up and ruins everything.

There isn’t enough room in this town for two fornicating fiends, and Katrina is determined to send this guy packing, no matter how hot a fire he lights in her nether regions.

But Gabe has a few tricks up his sleeve, and he won’t make it easy on her. The question is, how hard will she make it on him?



Hilarious paranormal romance

A fasting succubus and an impotent incubus find love in this comedic romance. There are misunderstandings galore, but they get past those and fight Satan himself for their happily-ever-after and freedom in the end. I still can’t get Satan’s underwear out of my mind.

It’s a fast-paced romp, and includes appearances from prior characters. Since this was my first book in the series, I’ll be going back to read the rest.

Hollie Jackson was great with the narration. The voice, tone, and accent she used were perfect.

Available in Kindle Unlimited here, or as an audiobook.

Genre: Comedy, Demons, Magic, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Witches
Series: New Orleans Nocturnes |

Untouchable (Midheaven 1)

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Some choices have eternal consequences.

Sam Gregory is a Watcher, a human-angel hybrid built for eternity and hell-bent on avenging his father’s murder. He’s given up earthly distractions to hunt the fallen angel responsible, so when he crosses paths with Chloe Thibodeaux and discovers her empathic powers coupled with an intense attraction, he fears she’s the bait in an ancient prophecy involving them both.

Sam must now discern between free will and predestination. If he makes the wrong choice, literal hell on earth breaks loose. If he makes the right choice, he and Chloe ride into the sunset and the world will never know how close they came to losing everything.

Making the right choice sounds simple, until the woman you’ve fallen in love with might die in the process, and the only thing you want is her.




Sam (half angel) and Chloe (empath) — is their love because of fate and prophecy, or is it true and of their free will?

I liked watching the chemistry and attraction between Sam and Chloe build naturally through the story as they dealt with inner conflicts about whether what they feel for one another is real or not.

There was also an outside conflict in the form of an unstoppable villain who had plans for each of them.

The narrator did a nice job bringing the story to life.

We found out a lot about Sam’s backstory and family. Chloe’s family is mentioned a few times. I was glad to see the next book will address some of the questions I had.

A nicely woven story with unique world building. An enjoyable listen!

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Midheaven |

Into the Lion’s Den (Secrets of Northland Shifters 1)

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It’s not just Shifters who lurk in the shadows.

After mountain lion shifter Reese Fitzpatrick’s father is killed by a hunter’s bullet, Reese must battle to keep his father’s legacy alive. But when Sarah McAvoy arrives to help run the Fitzpatricks’ remote luxury resort, her presence quickly becomes more of a hindrance than a help…especially as each of her secrets comes to light.

Sarah’s mere presence makes Reese’s mountain lion purr inside his skin, but her dangerous impulsivity is more than an irritating distraction—it could cost them their lives, leaving Reese with more to worry about than accidentally revealing his animal nature.

If the pair wants to save the resort, they’ll have to get past their passion that’s equal parts frustration and heat. Because it turns out Reese’s father wasn’t the competent businessman everyone believed. Vulture real estate developers are already hovering, waiting for Reese to fail.

That is, if the hunter who killed his father doesn’t get him first.

Fans of K.F. Breene and Kresley Cole will love this hot paranormal shifter romance!



Slow burn shifter story.

Reese and Sarah fight with each other as much as they work together to decipher clues about a murder and save a resort.

The story ends on a serious cliffhanger, and the relationship between Reese and Sarah is not resolved. Fortunately, the next two books are already available, so no long waits to find out what happens next.

While their relationship remains up in the air, the chemistry between Reese and Sarah is instant hot, and believable.

I liked that the reader was able to experience the shifting process. I also really liked that Sarah was never a damsel. She made intelligent decisions and stood her ground.

Nathaniel Gray used an excellent growly alpha voice for Reese. He did well with the narration and other characters, too, but I particularly his reading of Reese.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shifters
Series: Secrets of Northland Shifters |