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The Yellow Dragon


A little girl who quells demons. An aging dragonslayer. Can they stop the Yellow Dragon before it destroys an entire nation?

Pingzi Po is the only demon queller in the medieval Far East. So far, she has quelled exactly one demon: Benzel of the Wolf, a dragonslayer from the Northlands. Now, she must act as Benzel’s interpreter when he’s charged with slaying a dangerous yellow dragon seen only by an emperor.

But the emperor reveals the Yellow Dragon isn’t an animal—it’s an unidentified citizen in his province, who has threatened to murder the emperor.

Convinced that this unknown citizen is a demon that must be quelled, Pingzi races to unravel the mystery that will reveal the identity of the Yellow Dragon. Can she expose the Yellow Dragon before the emperor is killed and the entire Far East is put in danger?



Coming of age fantasy

Pingzi is a clever girl, and also a demon queller. She overestimates herself a bit, but she’s young and does a lot of growing up in the story.

It was interesting and fun to follow the clues with Pingzi as she solved the mystery of the Yellow Dragon, although neither the dragon, nor the outcome were what I was expecting. She has to overcome a lot of obstacles, including her gender, age, and disdain from her family. Fortunately, Benzel is always there for her.

Good world building with lots of politics, subterfuge, and intrigue.

Excellent narration by the author.

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Genre: Coming of Age, Dragons, Fantasy, Magic, Mystery

Find Her (Lacey James 1)

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A stolen hammer. A dead suspect. A terrifying trail of murder.

Sweet Home, Oregon. Detective Lacey James needs to solve her marriage problems. But with her focus on a culprit escaping after a robbery call, she’s alarmed when she discovers his getaway car hides a chilling collection of rope, gloves, zip ties, and a gun. But her success in hunting him down turns into horror when the man grabs a firearm, killing a fellow officer before himself.

As her only lead lies silent on a slab, the dedicated investigator’s suspicions are confirmed after discovering a woman connected to the case is missing. And fearing time is running out for the kidnapped victim, Lacey follows clues to a gruesome scene warning her she might already be too late.

Can she unravel the truth before the morgue claims another corpse?



This story felt short, but was complete, well-written, and had everything needed for a good mystery. We start with the seemingly innocuous shoplifting theft of a hammer, and end up with kidnapping and murder.

Told in three parts and dual POVs, we spend about a third of the story in the criminal’s mind. I always find it interesting to get this perspective and see what justifications the bad guy uses for his behavior.

Lacey James is a woman trying to balance her personal life with her work. She’s a good detective, but I think part of her determination to solve the case stems from her perception that she is failing as a mother and wife.

Cass Medcalf and Nathan Agin did a great job with the story.

Genre: Mystery
Series: Lacey James Mystery |

Hide Her (Lacey James 4)

Available in Kindle Unlimited here, or as an audiobook.


The discovery of an abandoned child forges a chilling link with an infamous cold case.

It’s early morning in Sweet Home, Oregon. Officer Lacey James speeds down an empty highway when a young girl appears out of nowhere. She’s alone and terrified. Unable to speak. Lacey begins searching for her parents but soon, the investigation hits a dead end.

Enlisting the help of outside agencies, a task force is formed. Who is this child? Where does she come from? And why haven’t her parents stepped forward?

As the mystery surrounding the girl’s identity begins to unravel, a shocking truth about the child’s past is revealed. A link to an infamous cold case thrusts Lacey into a media firestorm, the likes of which Sweet Home has never seen.

Will revealing the truth endanger the girl’s life?

Can Lacey return the child safely to her family, or will she be the next one to die?



This was my first Lacy James novel, but I never felt lost. The characters are interesting and well-written, so I was drawn in enough to want to read the earlier stories.

Hide Her is a great mystery that starts with Lacy finding a small girl in the middle of the road, and leads to the revelation of shocking family secrets.

The storyline felt realistic to me, and the plot was well thought out, including twists and turns.

Cassandra Metcalf gives a lot of depth and emotions to Lacy while Nathan Agin does a good job with the male POVs.

An excellent procedural mystery.

Genre: Mystery
Series: Lacey James Mystery |