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Fugitives of Destiny (Mystic Brats 2)

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After the rise of a deity…

…they fled to a magical kingdom.

But can they ever return?

Nara had spent thousands of years trapped inside her deranged mother’s castle. After being enrolled at the Knight Academy, she thought she’d finally be free. She had everything – a mentor in magic, a loving boyfriend, and a group of friends she called family.

But then it all fell to pieces.

One of her friends was possessed by an ancient evil. The only way for the rest of them to stay alive was to return to her mother’s kingdom.

Nara never expected to return to Aria, let alone after switching bodies with her best friend. Nor did Nara ever think she would be reunited with her traitorous undead ex. To save the only true family she loves, Nara must play a game of life and death against an unknown foe.

The Beast will claim its first victim. And a war is coming.



Friends out to save the multiverse.

I liked the Egyptian aspects with Osiris as the bad guy, and the Arthurian mythology tossed into the story as well.

At the start it felt like a big info dump as the last book and events leading to the present state of things were thrown at me all at once. After I got my head around that, the story moved along nicely. Lots of twists and turns, action, and a bit of romance.

I was not fond of the voice the narrator used for Nora, but he kept her in character and maintained her accent, plus I liked the other voices.

Genre: Adventure, Coming of Age, Fantasy, Magic
Series: Mystic Brats |

Reign of the Ancients: The Prophecy


Elf born, raised by wolves, and talks to dragons… Who is this girl? She wants to find out, too, as she abandons the safe confines of her home to discover the truth for herself. Blessed with a magic unlike any before, she discovers a world at war ruled over by monstrous dragons, where the land has been slowly dying beyond that of her cozy little wolf den. The young elf discovers she is known by many names, and some believe her to be the one of prophecy meant to unite the land of Onis. It is no easy task that has been placed on her shoulders. There is no love between the dragons, the elves, the humans, the dwarves, and the drow, so getting them to listen will be quite a challenge. Luckily, the wolf child has an unprecedented team of cohorts to aid and guide her on her quest, but is she ready for such a challenge? Will the ancient dragons’ extreme hatred be overcome so that peace can be brought to the land? Or, will the young girl fail in her quest and bring forth an even greater war between the races?

Join this young elf on her epic quest for peace and self-discovery as she battles against monsters, forms unbreakable bonds, and faces the reigning ancient dragons of Onis.



Coming of Age Fantasy

A fun and engaging quest/prophecy adventure story. There is plenty of action, drama, and a touch of romance, even a love triangle developing.

It was nice to see even though she has an amazing amount of power and ability, she’s not infallible. She still has to figure things out as she goes, and makes mistakes.

Excellent world building, and the way the magic works makes sense. All the characters are well-written and add to the entertainment and development of the story.

The author and Aaron Smith made the story come alive. I liked the bits of music and songs that are included in the audio version.

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Genre: Coming of Age, Dragons, Fantasy, Magic
Series: Onis Chronicles |

The Yellow Dragon


A little girl who quells demons. An aging dragonslayer. Can they stop the Yellow Dragon before it destroys an entire nation?

Pingzi Po is the only demon queller in the medieval Far East. So far, she has quelled exactly one demon: Benzel of the Wolf, a dragonslayer from the Northlands. Now, she must act as Benzel’s interpreter when he’s charged with slaying a dangerous yellow dragon seen only by an emperor.

But the emperor reveals the Yellow Dragon isn’t an animal—it’s an unidentified citizen in his province, who has threatened to murder the emperor.

Convinced that this unknown citizen is a demon that must be quelled, Pingzi races to unravel the mystery that will reveal the identity of the Yellow Dragon. Can she expose the Yellow Dragon before the emperor is killed and the entire Far East is put in danger?



Coming of age fantasy

Pingzi is a clever girl, and also a demon queller. She overestimates herself a bit, but she’s young and does a lot of growing up in the story.

It was interesting and fun to follow the clues with Pingzi as she solved the mystery of the Yellow Dragon, although neither the dragon, nor the outcome were what I was expecting. She has to overcome a lot of obstacles, including her gender, age, and disdain from her family. Fortunately, Benzel is always there for her.

Good world building with lots of politics, subterfuge, and intrigue.

Excellent narration by the author.

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Genre: Coming of Age, Dragons, Fantasy, Magic, Mystery

The Gatekeeper


They believed the Puppeteer was dead. They were wrong. Enya’s fire, mixed with the magic of the Seal of Solomon should have been enough, but it wasn’t. Now, she must figure out the Puppeteer’s true identity, save as many lives as she can and find who is on the Puppeteer’s side. Then there’s the Gatekeeper. Is he truly her ally? Can he help Enya and her friends stop the Puppeteer? Secrets. Lies. Magic. Evil. They surround Enya. She must discern how to truly kill the Puppeteer before his evil power takes over the nine lands beyond the Gate.



He’s baaack.

After a brief reprieve, in which everyone thought the Puppeteer was dead, the villain I love to hate came back in all his bloody glory.

Things go from bad to worse for Enya, who blames herself for not killing the Puppeteer. She doesn’t wallow, but anytime she can punish herself, she takes the opportunity.

There were some twists (including a holy moly one near the end), plenty of action, and even a couple of happy moments in between things going horribly wrong again. This story felt darker than the first.

Brand tries so hard to be noble because of what he learns from a Seer. I can’t help thinking that’s going to backfire on him.

Benjamin Fife provided his usual brilliant performance. I always enjoy hearing him bring a story to life.

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Genre: Coming of Age, Dark, Fantasy, Magic
Series: Seal of Solomon |

The Puppeteer


Something evil has taken over King Ormarr.Only the Fire Wielder could possibly stop the foul entity who can control the minds of others.But Enya, Fire Wielder of her generation, will need to master her new-found abilities and summon friends to help stop the monster she calls The Puppeteer before it destroys everyone she loves in its malignant craving to rule the nine lands beyond the Gate. Fire, war, death, treachery and a love she never expected are her constant companions.She is the Fire Wielder and this is her tale.



The Puppeteer — what a great villain to hate! I couldn’t wait for him to get what he deserved. Every time I thought he was as despicable as he could get, he did something else vile.

It would have been easy to cheer for Enya even if she wasn’t likable. Watching her learn about her abilities, and grow into a force to be reckoned with, was entertaining and satisfying.

The world building was unique and well thought out. There were plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing and surprise me.

Benjamin Fife narrated the story, and did a wonderful job with giving each character an individual voice.

A dark story about a girl coming into her own power.

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Genre: Coming of Age, Dark, Fantasy, Magic
Series: Seal of Solomon |

Kingdom of Lies (The Kane Saga 1)

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Magic is back in Adelith, and with it the return of Cyran.

Elijah spends his days preparing for the annual Hollom horse race and working at his guardian Merrick’s forge. That is, until Merrick is summoned back to Castle Aebarrow in Adelith by the king.

Unable to stay in Rheanydd without a legal guardian, Eli is forced to go with Merrick, who takes up the position of captain and trains the new guards. But the more time Eli spends in Adelith, the more his lost memories resurface—and they throw up worrying questions about his past.

As a member of Princess Sienna’s Elite Guard, Eli saves her life when it’s threatened by the presence of a mysterious Missing Prince. Eli’s heroics incur the wrath of a mad sorcerer known only as The Master, hell-bent on ending the courting prince’s life.

Elijah enters a dangerous path of self-discovery where magic and secrets intertwine. The truth about his past is within reach, but can he unlock his memories and solve the riddles in time to save the true heir to the throne? Or will the castle be brought crumbling down once more?



Secrets come to light.

A coming of age story in which Eli learns everything about his life was a lie, and must come to terms with a new reality and all the dangers that come with it.

There is an excellent villain, known only as The Master, who always seems to be one step ahead, causing no end of grief for Eli.

There are a fair number of characters, but each is well written, and they are easy to keep track of as individuals. The secrets and backstory are revealed at the perfect pace — at the right time and amount of information.

Quentin Hudspath was a great storyteller.

Some arcs are resolved, but there are still questions to be answered. A great start to the series.

Genre: Coming of Age, Fantasy
Series: Kane Saga |