Soulmates found one story at a time.

It was tricky for me to come up an idea with covers for this version of the stories. I don’t like the idea of using the faces of actual people, and I’m not nearly talented enough to draw the characters myself.

Plus,  I really don’t want to put the face of someone readers will think doesn’t actually look like the person they imagine when they read about a character. As a reader, I hate it when a character is described as clean-shaven and the man on the cover has a huge beard, or the woman is green-eyed but the cover shows a brown-eyed woman. I have even run across a situation where the character had white hair, but there was an image of a man with black hair on the cover. 

Fortunately, in the paranormal world, there are tons of options.

I came up with the idea of showing the women from behind in their strygoi forms. That has caused me a bit of grief because I make the covers myself and freely admit I’m not great at being a graphic artist. 

But I hope this woman with wings and leather pants is a decent depiction of Ember.