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Tarja’s sister went through a magical portal on a mission to retrieve the Iadara Stone, and never returned. The portal closed, and all hope was lost.

Two hundred years later  the portal  is open again. Tarja’s magic is weak. Her world, and people she loves, are dying. The Iadara Stone is still their only hope, even though chances of a successful retrieval are slimmer than ever.

On Iadara, a world robbed of its magic, Tarja’s Harom has been waiting. Their survival, and that of all Yoqobo, depend on her.

The soulbond between an Aneja and her Harom is powerful, but can it cross time and worlds?

And, if Tarja has to choose, will she save her world, or Iadara?

This is a sexy, happily-ever-after soulmate novel with no cheating, fade to blacks, or cliffhangers. It’s a fast-paced story that blends romance, mythology, humor, and adventure. While a little more of the series is revealed as the series progresses, the romance in each novel focuses on one Harom and can be read as a standalone.