Soulmates found one story at a time.

I didn’t start out writing books with sexy times in them. I had a beta reader for my fantasy adventure series that dared me to write a naughty story. Hence, the beginning of the Vampires & Strygoi Witches novels, because I can’t seem to write a single story. I always end up with a series. 

Last year, my beta reader gave me another dare – write an Omegaverse story. And a reverse harem story. I guess that’s two dares, but she threw them out there at the same time.

These are two genres I never thought I’d get in to. Harems always seem selfish to me – I am enough for you, but you aren’t enough for me, so therefore I am going to have as many people as I want, and you can’t have anyone but me. Bah! Plus, all I can imagine is the woman getting UTIs all the time from all that sex. 

And the Omegaverse, where a  jerk takes over a woman’s life while she’s made helpless by hormones. Bleah! Here I imagine the woman coming to her senses and putting something sharp right in that Alpha’s purring chest for enslaving her. 

But my beta reader informs me that going celibate because of UTIs and stabbing Alphas are not acceptable endings to those types of stories. 

While I don’t get the appeal, I know these are popular tropes, and my beta reader kept after me. She’s relentless like that.

Not to mention, a dare is a dare, after all. 

So I thought about it, and came up with an idea for another series, because there’s the whole ‘I can’t write a single story’ thing. 

I am going to take January to write the story, so I am looking at a February release of the first Demons of Iadara: Harom & Aneja novel –  my take on reverse Omegaverse Harem tropes. This will be a sexy times heavy series that features magic and mythology.