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Xuterias Series

I’ve got a new series I’m planning to start releasing soon that takes place on the world of Xuterias. It’s a world where magic ruled, but invaders have come and upset the balance. The balance, Xov and Xau, must be restored, or the world will perish. 

These will be enemies to lovers to happily ever after romances. 

The cover

Writing a story is the hardest and easiest thing to do. While it’s difficult to get all 70,000 words down on pages conveying exactly the right dialogue, mood, setting, action and emotion, that is a piece of cake when compared to what comes after I finally write ‘the end’.

That’s when the really tricky parts begin. As I am planning to release the first story in the series soon I am thinking about the covers. 

I’m not planning to do a paperback version at the moment, just e-books for now, so some of the difficulties are lessened. But the biggest problem remains – how do I convey the story in a couple images? Faces or no faces? Should I use people at all? The stories are naughty, should the ever popular naked man chest be front and center? The story is equally as much about a powerful woman, so that seems unfair.

Ideally, I would like to make the covers not exactly cookie cutter, but similar enough so when someone familiar with the series sees them, they will recognize it’s a Draga story right away. 

So that is my debate this week – what to put on the covers.

Jellyfish Lake

In Palau, there is an lake full of jellyfish. You might be thinking – well, that sounds unpleasant. No need to go there.

But the golden jellyfish living in this lake don’t have the stingers regular ocean dwelling jellyfish do.

They reminded me of little aliens floating around in outer space.

Too many stories?

When I start writing a story I always know how it ends. I am never sure how I am going to get readers there, and sometimes I have no idea how it starts – but I always know how it ends.

As a result, I don’t have a writing process that takes me from Point A to Point B in a linear progression. Much like my travels, my writing meanders and there are delays, obstacles, and detours if something more interesting happens along. By more interesting, I mean I may be happily writing in the current story, then an idea for other characters in a story four books later strikes me and I have to go write that for a while. Sometimes I write in five or six different narratives before I can return to the one I started in. Is that too many stories to write in at once? Maybe if I had a strict deadline.

But I love writing interconnected stories in a series. I have to write what comes later first so I know how to foreshadow it in earlier stories. In one sense I am writing the entire series backwards, since I already know how it ends – it’s a matter of setting up a lot of dominoes to get everyone there. I think writing this way gives readers from the beginning of the series the opportunity for a lot of ‘Aha!’ moments – those times when suddenly why a character said something in Book 1 makes sense, or the reason that weird thing that happened in Book 3 becomes clear.

Although it may take me longer to get from the end to the beginning and back again, I eventually do find the trail to the end – which is the beginning for me.

Cinnamon Rolls

I am a junk food junkie and not ashamed. I am powered by cake mostly, but cookies are a close second. Sometimes it’s tricky, since although I adore junk food, I do not really like chocolate, unless you offer it to me as candy in ice cream or with peanut butter. White cake with white frosting and sprinkles, please. Vanilla double stuff oreos – bring them on. I will settle for chocolate chip cookies IF I MUST.

But lately, I have been craving cinnamon rolls. Why? I don’t know. Well, maybe because I had a passing fancy for one, and couldn’t find any. I especially like gooey middle parts with so much sugary icing looking at it almost makes my teeth hurt. Almost.

I was going crazy. There were none at the tiny grocery story, none at the larger supermarket. There has never been a Cinnabon where I live at the moment.

So, the internet saved me. I found a recipe online and I made my own. The icing was a little too thin but the middle part was juuuust right.

I ate them all. 🙂