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That was Shadow's existence for five thousand years — until she learned in order to step out of her mother's shadow, she had to step into her own.


Shadow is tired of the sameness of every day in Pohjola, and being kidnapped by heroes and villains who care nothing about her.

After her latest kidnapping, she returns to Pohjola with a new resolve to escape her mother's control and begins a rebellion with her sisters. Determined to become her own person and prove she can take care of herself, she strikes a deal with Louhi, Goddess of Witchcraft and Death.

Shadow is finally free, but the stakes are high, and her poorly chosen words make every day a risk.

Travel to Pohjola — Louhi's domain, meet some of Shadow's sisters, the Maidens of Pohjola, and discover how Shadow became Viktoria.

This 15k word short story is about the deal Shadow made with her mother and serves as a companion work to the Vampires & Strygoi Witches/Strygoi Witches & Vampires series.

Mythologies: Finnish (loosely based on the Kalevala), Scottish.

If you prefer naughty/steamy, choose the cover with Jael coming out of the shadows. For the nice/sweet version, click on Viktoria alone.