Soulmates found one story at a time.



When Shadow, a powerless mage, chose exile to preserve family honor, he didn’t expect a mysterious call to defeat telepathic, camouflaging dragons or to uncover the secret behind magic’s evolution. Nor did he expect that after stumbling through treachery, illusions, and an unexpected romance, his only solution might risk the annihilation of his people.



Magic vs Technology

Shadow is a reluctant hero who comes into magical powers after being shunned his whole life for not having any. He’s got a steep learning curve, and it doesn’t seem like he ever gets a break. But he doesn’t give up as he tries to lead a band of fighters he’s not sure he can trust to save his people.

A ton of in-depth world building went into the story, which I always like. There’s intrigue, politics, a bit of romance, drama, and action, including a traitor nearby.

Jeffrey Howard was a great narrator.

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Genre: Fantasy, Magic