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Turnspit Dragon (Jane Austen’s Dragons 9)

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Dive into the hidden-in-plain sight world of the Blue Order dragons.

A heartwarming collection of short stories peeking into the hidden lives of the dragons, their friends and keepers. Birth, death, love, loss, and the amazing relationships that underscore them all. Visit with familiar characters and learn their stories. Meet entirely new dragons and their friends, while delving deeper into the mysterious world of Blue Order dragon.

Meryton meets Pern in a fantastical regency romp bound to delight listeners of Jane Austen and Anne McCaffrey alike. A short story collection in the world of Jane Austen’s Dragons.



I loved this collection of short stories. Especially the second one, where the fairy dragons hatch. Who can resist baby dragons? It was my introduction to the entire series, and I’m looking forward to the full-length novels.

I liked getting a glimpse into this hidden world, and the Blue Order.

Benjamin Fife does an excellent job with the entire cast of characters, dragons and humans! All the voices, tones, accents, and cadences he uses — I don’t know how he keeps track of them all.

I probably did things backwards since this book fills in gaps in the prior stories, but reading it out of order didn’t diminish my enjoyment. I know which dragons I want to know more about.

Genre: Dragons, Fantasy, Paranormal, Regency
Series: Jane Austen's Dragons |