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The Puppeteer


Something evil has taken over King Ormarr.Only the Fire Wielder could possibly stop the foul entity who can control the minds of others.But Enya, Fire Wielder of her generation, will need to master her new-found abilities and summon friends to help stop the monster she calls The Puppeteer before it destroys everyone she loves in its malignant craving to rule the nine lands beyond the Gate. Fire, war, death, treachery and a love she never expected are her constant companions.She is the Fire Wielder and this is her tale.



The Puppeteer — what a great villain to hate! I couldn’t wait for him to get what he deserved. Every time I thought he was as despicable as he could get, he did something else vile.

It would have been easy to cheer for Enya even if she wasn’t likable. Watching her learn about her abilities, and grow into a force to be reckoned with, was entertaining and satisfying.

The world building was unique and well thought out. There were plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing and surprise me.

Benjamin Fife narrated the story, and did a wonderful job with giving each character an individual voice.

A dark story about a girl coming into her own power.

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Genre: Coming of Age, Dark, Fantasy, Magic
Series: Seal of Solomon |