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The Gatekeeper


They believed the Puppeteer was dead. They were wrong. Enya’s fire, mixed with the magic of the Seal of Solomon should have been enough, but it wasn’t. Now, she must figure out the Puppeteer’s true identity, save as many lives as she can and find who is on the Puppeteer’s side. Then there’s the Gatekeeper. Is he truly her ally? Can he help Enya and her friends stop the Puppeteer? Secrets. Lies. Magic. Evil. They surround Enya. She must discern how to truly kill the Puppeteer before his evil power takes over the nine lands beyond the Gate.



He’s baaack.

After a brief reprieve, in which everyone thought the Puppeteer was dead, the villain I love to hate came back in all his bloody glory.

Things go from bad to worse for Enya, who blames herself for not killing the Puppeteer. She doesn’t wallow, but anytime she can punish herself, she takes the opportunity.

There were some twists (including a holy moly one near the end), plenty of action, and even a couple of happy moments in between things going horribly wrong again. This story felt darker than the first.

Brand tries so hard to be noble because of what he learns from a Seer. I can’t help thinking that’s going to backfire on him.

Benjamin Fife provided his usual brilliant performance. I always enjoy hearing him bring a story to life.

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Genre: Coming of Age, Dark, Fantasy, Magic
Series: Seal of Solomon |