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Dragons Beyond the Pale (Jane Austen’s Dragons 7)

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Smugglers. A kidnapping. A fire-breathing fairy dragon? The Blue Order is falling apart at the seams.

After months in Bath mentoring Dragon Keepers and Friends, Dragon Sage Elizabeth Darcy actually anticipates traveling to London for the Keeper’s Cotillion. Which says a great deal considering the she-dragons who make up the Cotillion board would very much like to show the Sage her proper place.

The she-dragons, though, are no match for what Sir Fitzwilliam Darcy finds waiting for him in London. Threats to the Order on every side, and Lord Matlock demands he keep them secret from Elizabeth. No one keeps secrets from Elizabeth.

In the meantime, Anne and Frederick Wentworth arrive in London with hopes of finally being accepted in good Blue Order society, unaware of the burgeoning maelstrom about to engulf them.

Darcy manages to keep matters under control until a fairy-dragon’s prank unleashes sinister forces who perpetrate an unthinkable crime that could spell the end of the Pendragon Accords and usher in a new age of dragon war.

Can Elizabeth and Darcy, with the Wentworths’ help, restore balance to the Blue Order before the dragons decide to take matters into their own talons and right the wrongs themselves?



It was fun to see the dragons come together as a team, from the smallest to the biggest. I’m curious what’s going to happen with the wyrms and sea dragons. The Blue Order doesn’t appear to be the upstanding, benevolent organization it portrays itself as.

This was a more serious side to the novels. There has always been drama with dragons and strife among families, but with the kidnapping, things went a bit darker. The danger wasn’t just risking making a father or sister unhappy. Lives were at risk, and the characters experience a whole range of emotions to go along with that.

Benjamin Fife was outstanding with this huge cast of characters.

Genre: Dragons, Regency
Series: Jane Austen's Dragons |