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Dragon Persuasion (Jane Austen’s Dragons 6)

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Keeping a hibernating dragon should have been a simple thing.

But it wasn’t. Apparently, nothing involving dragons was ever simple, at least not for Kellynch’s woefully underprepared Keeper, Anne Elliot.

With the estate in debt, Anne’s father in denial, and the dragon’s treasure missing, Kellynch’s awakening was shaping up to be nothing short of catastrophe. Not to mention the pesky matter of Anne’s broken heart and resentment against the meddling old friend who had engineered it.

Captain Frederick Wentworth had spent his life making something of himself in the Navy. With the war that kept him employed at an end and a small fortune in prize money rendering him eminently marriageable, common sense and Laconia, his dragon Friend, demanded he take a wife.

But working as an agent of the Blue Order, managing dragon matters across England, seemed a much better alternative. At least until investigating one such matter sent him directly in the path of Anne Elliot, the woman who had ruined him for all others.

Now a royal dragon rages, a sleeping dragon lurks, and too many treasures have gone missing. Can Anne and Wentworth lay aside resentment, pride, and heartbreak to prevent Kellynch’s awakening from ending in bloodshed—or worse?



This story is full of more world building, political intrigue, and dragon drama, including some surprises about Lady Russell. There’s a mystery to be solved, and plenty of old grievances to be redressed.

Anne really grows into a Dragon Keeper and as an individual. The long-time-coming reunion with Wentworth was a bit rocky, but didn’t disappoint.

I love grumpy Kellynch even when he’s threatening to eat people.

I had thought the prior book was short and left me hanging — that wasn’t the case with this book. All the storylines are tied up neatly and those who deserve a comeuppance get what they deserve.

Another stellar job by Benjamin Fife. There were so many dragons and people, but I always knew who was talking.

Genre: Dragons, Regency
Series: Jane Austen's Dragons |