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Dragon Keeper’s Cottilion (Jane Austen’s Dragons 8)

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Territory challenges. Dragon battles. Baby dragon debutantes. When will the chaos end?

Dragon Sage Elizabeth Darcy longs for life to return to normal, at least as normal as it could be for a Blue Order officer who lives with more household dragons than most small villages. Having two sisters and an infant dragon to present as debutantes to the Order, make ‘normal’ difficult. The fine ladies—she-dragons one and all—of the Cotillion Board make it impossible.

Sir Fitzwilliam Darcy, Knight of the Pendragon Order never envisioned his oath to ‘protect and serve the interests of the Blue Order and dragonkind’ would demand immediate action. But only a Keeper can defend Pemberley’s territory against threats far too big for a baby dragon to manage. Threats against the Pendragon Accords themselves. And only the one closest to the Dragon Sage can protect her from the sinister forces menacing the Order, possibly from within its own ranks.

Can Darcy and Elizabeth ensure the Cotillion strengthens the Order rather than laying the groundwork for its demise?



Dragon debuts!

This book contains plenty of politics and dragon drama. The aftermath of Elizabeth’s kidnapping carries through this story, plus there are new problems with dragons trying to claim Pemberly’s territory. Everything forces Elizabeth and Darcy into making difficult decisions and keeping secrets.

Benjamin Fife is perfect — he really brings the characters, especially the dragons, to life. It’s easy to know which ones are fairy and which ones are big and grouchy.

Genre: Dragons, Regency
Series: Jane Austen's Dragons |