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Darkworld, Fall of Ashathar


The sun is dying over Ashathar.

Kataklysm arrives every three thousand years. It’s always different, but whatever form it takes, the result is the same—it brings humanity to the brink of extinction.

The last Kataklysm… happened three thousand years ago.

To save the world from Kataklysm, Tannen seeks an ancient path, once cultivated by the ancestors, long since abandoned and forgotten.

To find the path, Tannen must venture into hostile lands. Did the path save a remnant of life during the last Kataklysm?

Or was there something else about the path they pursued that left them warped, exiled, and nearly forgotten?

Tannen must venture into Tensia. A place occupied by a barbaric superhuman race. Tannen isn’t a warrior. He’s an archaeologist. His companion, Valoria, is an astrologist.

This could be the last Kataklaym, the end of humanity forever.

Can Tannen and Valoria survive in hostile territory, or will their deaths seal the fate of the world?



Beginning of an epic series

The kataklysm occurs every 3,000 years, but the next one day be the last.

Tannen, an archeologist, has translations that allude to the last kataklysm, but when he tries to warn everyone about the impending kataklysm, he laughed at.

Valoria isn’t laughing — she’s an astrologist and has seen evidence that the sun could be extinguished.

The two of them must venture into the war-torn country of their enemies in order to search for a way to stop the kataklysm.

A good introduction to the world and characters.

Kelley Hazen was very expressive and did a wonderful job with the narration and all the different characters.

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Genre: Fantasy, Magic
Series: Kataklysm: Origins |

Faeries and Fangs (Blood Witch Saga 5)

The story is available in Kindle Unlimited here, or as an audiobook


For the first time, one of my spells backfired. I was trying to trap a sorcerer in a blood prism. He was too powerful. It was the only option.

When the spell reflected back on me, I found myself somewhere else. The folk here are small, but they’re powerful. The Faerie King doesn’t take kindly to intruders to his realm.

If they’ll teach me their power, though, it might be just enough to stop the sorcerer. There’s one problem with that plan… How do I even get out of here?


Faeries and Fangs was my first read by the author. It’s the fifth book in this series, but there was enough background given that I had no trouble figuring out relationships and what had happened before. The story has a fun cast of characters, a unique take on vampire origins, and great world building, especially in Fae.

The narrator did a good job with the narration and with all the different voices. I always knew which character was speaking. There were a few times the fairy voice jarred me, but only during longer dialogues, and it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the story overall.

Genre: Paranormal, Vampires, Witches
Series: The Blood Witch Saga |