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Untouchable (Midheaven 1)

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Some choices have eternal consequences.

Sam Gregory is a Watcher, a human-angel hybrid built for eternity and hell-bent on avenging his father’s murder. He’s given up earthly distractions to hunt the fallen angel responsible, so when he crosses paths with Chloe Thibodeaux and discovers her empathic powers coupled with an intense attraction, he fears she’s the bait in an ancient prophecy involving them both.

Sam must now discern between free will and predestination. If he makes the wrong choice, literal hell on earth breaks loose. If he makes the right choice, he and Chloe ride into the sunset and the world will never know how close they came to losing everything.

Making the right choice sounds simple, until the woman you’ve fallen in love with might die in the process, and the only thing you want is her.




Sam (half angel) and Chloe (empath) — is their love because of fate and prophecy, or is it true and of their free will?

I liked watching the chemistry and attraction between Sam and Chloe build naturally through the story as they dealt with inner conflicts about whether what they feel for one another is real or not.

There was also an outside conflict in the form of an unstoppable villain who had plans for each of them.

The narrator did a nice job bringing the story to life.

We found out a lot about Sam’s backstory and family. Chloe’s family is mentioned a few times. I was glad to see the next book will address some of the questions I had.

A nicely woven story with unique world building. An enjoyable listen!

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Midheaven |