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Madness Hatter

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Every girl in the Liddle family dreads her seventh birthday - that's when she is taken to Wonderland.

Most of them return unharmed. Some of them are never the same. A few don't come back at all.

Alix is determined to put an end to the kidnappings. When Hatter shows up to kidnap her seven-year-old cousin, Alix goes in her place, and discovers Wonderland is much different as a grown-up - starting with all the hot, shirtless men.

This is a sexy, happily-ever-after reverse harem novel with no cheating, fade to blacks, or cliffhangers. It's a fast-paced story that blends romance, humor, and adventure.

Madness of the Hatter is the first in a trilogy, and ends on a cliffhanger.